Fay Brotherhood is a Pagan singer/songwriter and fine artist based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Renowned for her expressive delivery and unique vocal sound, she has been described as a "Nightingale on steroids" and "the lovechild of Kate Bush and Jethro Tull".

Fay wears many hats and is also a professional ecologist, with a special interest in bats, botany and historical ecology. Her work often inspires her songs and paintings, with its themes of nature and folklore. 

Musical Upbringing & Influences

Brought up in Coalville, Leicestershire by musical parents, Fay was immersed in music from childhood. 


Performing regularly all the way through school and sixth form, Fay taught herself guitar at age 14, whilst studying GCSE music, soon after which she began writing songs.

At this time her music teacher pointed out her natural folk voice, and her subsequent explorations of the genre wove the likes of Maddy Prior, Sandy Denny, Melanie and Pentangle into her pantheon of influences. She was further inspired by the psychedelic and progressive sounds of the 60's/70's; in particular her favourite band, Jethro Tull.


Whilst she never received formal tutoring, the coaching Fay received from her music teacher during 6th form played a huge role in her vocal development, as did many and varied musical theatre roles.


To this day a love of musical theatre brings to her performances a characteristically dramatic flair.

Gigging History

Since 2009 Fay has performed  at folk, fairy and pagan festivals across the UK and is a staple at the Avebury gordedd. She has mainly performed solo, but in 2012 formed a duo with fiddle/mandolin player Lee Burns. This eventually became powerhouse folk five piece Cernewoda.


Despite its great reception, Cernewoda was sadly a short lived affair, disbanding in 2013 when Fay followed romance to Hertfordshire. 

Since 2019 Fay aas performed as lead singer in Pagan folk rock behemoth Spriggan Mist and as a backing singer in circus rock band Papa Shango.

Recording History

Fay has home produced four albums (available on bandcamp). In 2015 her song Blue Spiral Screams was released to critical acclaim on compilation Femme Fatales of Folk by Folkstock records.

She is currently planning work on her first professionally recorded solo album. 


© 2020 by Fay Brotherhood Fine Art & Music, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, contactfaybrotherhood@gmail.com 

Background photo by Andrew Merritt Photography, 2020.

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