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Background photo by Andrew Merritt Photography, 2020.

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Fay Brotherhood is a folk, prog and musical theatre inspired

singer/songwriter, guitarist and bouzouki player from Leicestershire,

today living in Hertfordshire.


Immersed in music from early childhood, she was taught stage craft and professionalism by her singer mother and bassist father as they performed together in various function and blues bands.


Fay performed regularly in school shows, choir, and recorder club, honing her skills by singing along every day to Pat Benetar, Annie Lennox and the Beatles, who in effect became her teachers. At 14, whilst studying GCSE music, frustrated by the need to be backed by a pianist, Fay taught herself to play guitar. Soon after she began writing songs, reflecting her newly found interest in paganism and her lifelong love of nature.

At this time her music teacher pointed out her natural folk voice, prompting her to explore the genre and incorporate Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, Melanie and Pentangle into her influences. She was further influenced by Tori Amos, Jethro Tull, Yes, Genesis, early Floyd and all the other wonderful 60’s/70’s prog and classic rock acts her parents were introducing her to.

 In 6th form, Fay went on to study performing arts, where her vocal skills were honed further by coaching. The musical theatre experience she gained from this remains a major influence to this day.

Since then, Fay has continued performing at folk, fairy and pagan festivals across the UK as a folk solo act, in duo Brotherhood and Burns and as frontwoman in Cernewoda.  Today Fay also performs as a backing singer in circus rock band Papa Shango, and performs regularly at Avebury stone circle. In December 2019 Fay joined Pagan folk rock behemoth Spriggan Mist as lead vocalist.


Fay has home produced four albums (available on bandcamp). In 2015 her song Blue Spiral Screams was released to critical acclaim on compilation Femme Fatales of Folk by Folkstock records.


Fay wears many hats and is a professional ecologist and bat worker, with a special interest in landscape and local history. Her learning often inspires her song writing, with its themes of nature, local legends and paganism. These themes also inspire her work as an accomplished fine artist.


Having finally found a group of musicians on her musical and thematic wavelength, Fay cannot wait to start contributing her skills to Spriggan Mist and walk with them into what is going to be an exciting future.


“..like a Valkyrie maiden, a rousing, intricate and interpretive free voice that reels you in…”

Peter Taranaski

“…If Fay Brotherhood stood up to speak in one of our ancient gathering places, I think we could all expect Fire and Brimstone more deeply felt, more real and chilling than any Christian priest could manage to mumble about...."
Tamsin Rosewell, 2015

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