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"...Of all the tracks on this album, the work of Fay Brotherhood was the one that leaped out at me and stared me down like a wild hare. This was the track that I kept going back to, that I kept thinking about and wanting to hear just one more time. She has the most supremely confident vocal ability. There is a depth of expression in her voice and a desire to be heard and to be different that stood high above, like a sentinel in this undulating landscape of songs. Blue Spiral Screams is a powerful invocation; a soaring, spiralling incantation designed to lure humans, animals and other more shadowy creatures to join her in a wild dance. There is anger here, but also some kind of devotion that cries out to gods more ancient and more powerful than that more timid deity that arrived on these shores with Saint Columbus. If Fay Brotherhood stood up to speak in one of our ancient gathering places, I think we could all expect Fire and Brimstone more deeply felt, more real and chilling than any Christian priest could manage to mumble about...."

Tamsin Rosewell, Warwks Radio - 2015


Fay Brotherhood's track "Blue Spiral Screams" is my favourite on the(album. It unashamedly rolls the the old world and myth together with it's lyrical descriptions of "blood, "war" and "chains". It is a slightly lyrically unhinged and liberating call to power and freedom, a Wiccan masterpiece that conveys a seeking of mystery and wonder without treading the cliches of music attached to dark folklore. The craft of the track is not dissimilar to a personal favourite, Tori Amos particularly the harpsichord sounds that reminded me of "Blood Roses". The voice is like a Valkyrie maiden, a rousing, intricate and interpretive free voice that reels you in. This is not to say the track and artist are not original, they are. If folk for you is the power of nature and history, this is the track for you. It's contrast to the lighter tracks on the album bring a mystical bookend to the collection but an incredibly welcome one.
Peter Taranaski - Review of Femme Fatales of Folk Sept 2015


"...Without a doubt the most original sounding of the collection is the last track, Blue Spiral Screams from Fay Brotherhood. It has that native American feel to it and wouldn't be out of place at the sixties and early seventies festivals such as Woodstock and Isle of White. It does have a hint of Joan Baez about it and her high singing sounds very ethnic. It conjures images of spaced out hippies. But let's face it there are far worse images to conjure up..."

Danny Farrangher - Jul 2015


"...F**KING AWESOME..." 
Chris Holmes - W.A.S.P - 2015


"...Fay Brotherhood’s time is already upon us. Born into a blues-loving family based in Coalville, Fay begs to be different. Aesthetically, she is a bizarre meeting of Boudicca versus Cavegirl with her dreadlocks and crafty attire. Musically, her traditional folk interpretations of local legends and Celtic/Saxon battles make for fascinating listening, accurately recreating rousing Gaelic tones. Chalk Horses for instance is a galloping romp influenced by stone circles and the Pagan festival of Samhain. Lowlands of Holland is another with an ethereal edge. With a name for fame and the conviction to match, now is a great time to Follow the Falcon and join the Brotherhood...."
Jame Kendrick - The Monograph - Riot on the Radio, May, 2012


"...Those gig-goers au fait with The Musician will no doubt have chanced across the effortlessly timeless folky sound of Fay by now and it’s surely only a matter of time before she finds a wider audience as her n Recent album ‘Hare On The Heath’ is a particular favourite drawing it’s subject matter from the north west area of Leicestershire. It’s unusual to hear an artist making such beautiful music out of themes that could easily get bogged down in parochialisms and cliché, but Fay’s way with a lilting tune is spellbinding. It’s inspirational route is steeped in the rich tradition of English folk music but never feels Luddite or revisionalist despite it’s lo-fi charms. Inspiring, warm music to beckon the hopefully soon to arrive spring...."
Glyn Allen - The Leicester Monograph


"First on the stage was a very interesting young lady. Fay Brotherhood had a very quirky stage presence and played while swaying side to side and singing with a haunting and special voice. With a head full of dreadlocks and a decorated guitar Fay was definitely interesting to watch. Overall her performance was enchantingly gripping, with Mother Moon being one to listen out for."
- Bobby Orange, Bobby Orange Reviews - Nottingham (Feb 15, 2012) 


"...Fay and Lee took to the stage with a very individual look and instruments that immediately intrigued the audience.They played an assortment of pagan folk songs accompanied with guitar, violin and mandolin.The different instruments worked fabulously together and added a completely different sound to their music than the other acts. They played seven songs in total, each completely different from the last and really encouraged audience participation. Overall, individual and extremely enjoyable...." 
- Arts in Leicestershire (In Horus Music) (Mar 21, 2012) .


"...I love Chalk Horses - once at a late night gathering, a man singing unaccompanied, just banging on a table took me to a strange kinda place - Taken over and all around in a windy, wooshy, trance like manner, he went on and on and ..... wow...... it was an experience that although I can't properly describe and will never ever forget! I get that buzz off your music and a mystical kinda feeling from Fay Brotherhood too..."
Stevie Rigsby, Corby Radio - Apr 2013


After seeing Fay Brotherhood play a few songs at a multi act night I immediately booked her to support the Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts gig. It felt like the first time I saw Lucy Ward. Fay played a cracking short set at the Southwell FF open mic and I'm pleased that the judges have good taste as she won and gets a guaranteed slot at next years festival. 
-Andy Tuck, 40 tenth Promotions - (July 2011).


"...Kicking off the nights proceedings, Fay Brotherhood and Lee Burns sported an interesting look, with Fay wearing, what looked like rabbit fur boots with feathers in her boots and hair. Their music was great to listen to, the subject matter ranging from local legends (Black Alice) to pagan monuments. Fay has a wonderful, voice to listen to, in a Celtic influenced folk style. Lee played a mandolin and a fiddle both of which complimented Fay's voice perfectly. Fay and Lee make a good pair, they look good together, too with an earthy country look. Great way to start the show, and set the bar high, I thought..."
K.Gaugham - obsUnplugged Showcase, Jan 2012


“...Wow where did that voice come from? I nearly had a crash on the M69 on the way to work when Dirty Secret kicked in. Is this the ghost of Sandy Denny? This is a deceptive complex piece of twisting and turning - plus additional vocals/harmonies and penny whistle. For some reason I can just imagine that one Saturday morning Fay polished off her tea and toast, picked up her guitar and knocked off a demo of this in about 5 minutes. If this is true damn her eyes....”
 Pineapster Random Audio Generator 8 - reviews (Dirty Secret)


“...WHOA! now - thats a voice. some incredible lead vocals and harmonies. Musically - i am sure its amazing too but I cant get over the vocals - Kate bush 101! An old schoolfriend of mine was raving on facebook about this woman she'd seen at Avebury summer solstice with THE BEST VOICE ever. turned out to be Fay - listening to this you can see where the props come from....”
-Pineapster Random Audio Generator 8 - reviews (Dirty Secret)


"...To hit the stage first (Folk'it at the Musician) was Fay Brotherhood. I was tweeting (@barricadesrise) the minute she got on but had to stop the second she opened her mouth. Kate Bush came immediately to mind along with Andrew Lloyd Webber. Interweaving her vocal tones with ye olde folk tunes it set the night up great. I've not had the chance to check her recordings out but if they are as strong as her live music then she has a great thing going on.... "
Barricades Rise 

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